Business Gyan ( July 16th 2003)
 Rediff News ( March 27th 2004)
 Business Standards  ( April 6th 2004)
 Times Of India ( June 15th 2005)
 Red Herring ( September 5th 2005) Velbionanotech is selected for ASIA’S TOP 100 Companies for Bionanotechnology

Velbionanotech in Forbes publication (  June 28th 2006)
Lux Capital ( New York) is partnership with Forbes Magazine  which is the largest nanotechnology publication worldwide.
Ms Radhika Gupta, Robert Paull from Lux Capital had interviewed  Velbionanotech to feature Velbionanotech company on  Forbes/ Wolfe       
Nanotech report.

Velbionanotech with University of California ( September 5th 2006)
University of California, Santa Barbara conducted an interview with velbionanotech for the  research project funded by the International Council of Nanotechnology (ICON) aimed at determining current health, safety and product stewardship practices within the nanotechnology industry with their researchers under the  principal investigator, Dr. Patricia Holden.
Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management University of California, Santa Barbara

 Future Research

Financial Express (October 8th 2007)

BangaloreNano (September 2007) - Velbionanotech one of  the Advisory Board Member