Mr J. Asantraj, President / CEO
Ms V. Alice  Co-Founder/ President
Dr Ajay Kumar Gupta, Sr Scientist
Dr  Balaji Chatterjee , Sr Scientist
Dr Chandrashekar S. Ratkal, Scientific Advisor

Mr J. Asantraj: CEO/Chairman
Mr J.Asantraj has 20 yrs of experience in IT and Pharmaceutical industries and holds BE. Mr J.Asantraj is the chief mentor and founder of MansoftMicrosystems, which is a service based company and he is also the founder of Velnetworks which is a Product development. Mr.J. Asantraj is a passionair activist of Bionanotechnology and Nanotechnology, and a visionary entrepreneur.

Ms V. Alice: Co-Founder
Ms V. Alice has 6+ yrs of experience, and hold a Graduate Degree in  Computer science in Bangalore,Ms V. Alice was a CTO of Velnetworks which is product development company,She brings the technology expertise which helps in manage the growth, blending the old technology vs new technology models for the expansion in the global market.

Dr Ajay Kumar Gupta: Sr Scientist
Dr Ajay Kumar Gupta completed his Ph.D in Drug Delivery Systems using Nanotechnology from University of Delhi, India joined University of Glasgow, U.K. as a Post-doctoral Fellow . Subsequently joined Crusade Laboratories Limited, Glasgow, U.K. involved in preparation and characterization of polymeric, magnetic and inorganic/ceramic nanoparticles for development of innovative formulations for small molecules, proteins, and gene-based drugs and study their interaction with cells as well as to use these nanoparticles for drug and gene delivery systems.

Dr Balaji Chatterjee: Sr Scientist
Balaji Chatterjee ,Ph.D in Bionanotechnology from Boston University (USA). Working as a Sr Scientist in Velbionanotech R&D in designing Bionanochip. He has 12yrs of research Experience in BioNanotechnology field.

Dr Chandrashekar S. Ratkal: Scientific Advisor
Dr Chandrashekar S. Ratkal, have 20 yrs of experience in kidney stones, doing Surgery and Research in kidney stones.He is working as a Professor, HOD (Urology), Doctor, surgeon in victoria hospital Bangalore.Done his MBBS / MS / M.Ch from Mysore Medical college,Mysore (India).